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We colored the Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center green out at the CMY5K! 14 of us volunteered for a donation to Making Strides!

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We had another amazing event in 2012 - our 4th year of fundraising! With special guests from the Rogues Guild & even a real Pirate Queen! Mermaids blessed us with their magic, providing a fantastic photo op to the delight of many! We welcomed back our bands Cabezon & Sugarcane Strings and the dance floor was hot all night long! Also, we were blessed again by the talent of Foster Photo Graphix who added new levels of creativity to the capture of the night's event.  This year was a special milestone for us as the American Cancer Society took us under their wing as a managed event, which taught us even more about successful fundraising. We are growing & learning to color better within the lines, with as vivid of colors we can find, and of course - lots of pink!
Our 2011 benefit party was another big success!  We continue to lead the Making Strides program as its top contributing organization!  What a great job all the pirates did in banding together for a cause - and proving that it can be a lot of fun doing good work! Thank you to our fantastic sponsors and to the crew of volunteers that work so hard in the year leading up to the party as well as those who show-up on game day to get the work done!  Party on people, you have done the pirates of Portland proud!  It is so great to see our group expanding and meeting all kinds of wonderful people along the way!  Enjoy these photos from Jim Yeager Photography and Foster Photo Graphix!

In 2010, we moved from Tacy's backyard into a warehouse down near the Widmer Brewery. What a great time we had and once again we were blessed with the support of some amazing sponsors and a very cooperative venue host! Our benefit was growing and we really kicked up our efforts when we became partners with the American Cancer Society.  It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  

2009 was the beginning of it all.  This was the first Booty for Boobies benefit party (probably my 6th Pirate party)...the first that was done for any reason beyond just getting my crusty barnacles together for a night of crazy good times.  I learned a lot about how to move forward...especially after the police showed up before 8pm to warn us of noise. This was the last of the backyard parties and the beginning of something that has grown way beyond where our imaginations had expected.
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